Panasonic 27 Litre Solo Microwave


Product Description

Panasonic’s family size microwave oven NN-ST479 is simple to operate and will reheat food quickly and defrost food evenly. These stylish microwave ovens feature Inverter technology and automatic programs that can calculate the power and time needed to cook food to perfection.

Unlike other microwave ovens, Inverter Technology provides an always-on, consistent energy flow – and then variably adjusts the intensity for each meal selection. Where other microwaves try to create lower energy levels by using the same maximum power all the time, but repeatedly switching this on and off, Panasonic’s consistent and precise heat means you can cook, reheat or defrost foods without overcooking the edges – which means you’ll enjoy delicious, healthy cooking results, and all in less time!

The cooking power and performance of a Panasonic Inverter Microwave oven has produced significant increases in the nutrient levels of certain foods, when compared to other cooking methods such as boiling and steaming. So not only will your food be ready fast, it will also contain all the healthy nutrients you expect.

The super-wide oven cavity and compact body provide a large cooking area while saving counter space. Inverter technology makes it possible to minimise the space required for bulky power supply components, by replacing them with the smart, compact Inverter circuit. This has made it possible to create a wide oven cavity while keeping the outer dimensions compact.

Cooking and reheating food has never been so easy. The 19 Auto Sensor functions – with 6 different power levels – takes the guesswork out of cooking by calculating the cooking time for you. So, there is no need to enter the power, time or weight – simply select the food type and press the start button.

General Information Inverter Power Supply System yes
Door Opening Push Button
Oven Capacity 27 litre
Turntable Size 340 mm
Exterior Dimensions [mm] Width 520.0
Height 310.0
Depth 395.0
Interior Dimensions [mm] Width 354.0
Height 217.0
Depth 352.0
Approximate Net Weight [kg] 11.5
Approximate Gross Weight [kg] 14.0
Electricity Rated Voltage 230-240V
Power Frequency 50Hz
Interior Type Stainless Steel
Microwave Features Cooking Power (IEC) 900W
Power Levels 5.0
Auto Programs 18
Auto Sensor yes
Auto Weight Cook yes
Auto Weight Reheat yes
Auto Weight Chaos Defrost yes
Operation Auto Guide yes
Child Lock yes
Multi-Stage Memory Yes
Control Panel Buttons

NN-ST479SBPQ User Manual