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Limerick City is home to Irelands only dedicated Panasonic Store. It was established in 2003 under the direction of Mr. Brian Tuohy of Savins Music Centre and it has since been taken over by Jean Tuohy.

While the concept of the Panasonic Store is a household name throughout the UK, Panasonic chose Limerick as the capital of the mid-west to establish its first centre in Ireland. Currently we are the only store of its kind in the entire country. At Panasonic Store we sell everything Panasonic from 4K TV’s, Smart TV’s, Blu-Ray Home Cinema’s, Sound Bars, Digital Camera’s including the Lumix G Series, Camcorders, Microwaves, Irons, Breakmakers, Panasonic Power Tools, Tough Books and Tough Pads. At Panasonic Store – Limerick we aim to deliver the highest possible level of customer service while maintaining competitive prices and offering the widest choice of Panasonic product at all times.

Panasonic Store – Limerick is part of an exclusive group of independently owned and run dealers that specialise in the retailing of Panasonic products only.