Panasonic Lumix DC-G9L Fantastic Customer Review!

“Having had the G9 for just 30 hours I can say that I am more than delighted with it – the few results that I have had so far are very pleasing but that is to be expected as the sensor with the lack of an anti aliasing filter is the same as the GX9 but the handling is in a totally diferent league the command dial with little auxiliary dial under it are superb and the locking and unlocking of those is much better designed than I have seen before. Then there is the viewfinder which is heaven sent for a spectacle wearer like me and the button on the right side which allows stages of magnification is the icing on the cake! then of course there is the little switch on the lower front left panel which as standard is set to change between mechanical and electrical shutter which is perfect for me.
Now then of course there is the lens _ I thought that the Canon 24 – 105 F4 was good but the Leica knocks that into a cocked hat it is as brilliant as the budget one was awful!! Even the lens hood has a safety clip on the catch, and you can use the lens wide open at any focal length and get great results– heaven!”