Panasonic Launches New 4K OLED CZ952B TV

//Panasonic Launches New 4K OLED CZ952B TV

Panasonic Launches New 4K OLED CZ952B TV

Panasonic confirmed its new found commitment to 4K OLED at the 2015 IFA consumer technology show in Berlin this week by unveiling the curved screen VIERA TX-65CZ952BV TV at its press conference. The CZ952B complete with its curved OLED panel, will be available from October this year.

Panasonic are not doing things by halves, its digging deep to ensure it hits the required standards for black levels and colour fidelity. The Viera CZ952B is the only THX Certified 4K OLED TV in existence today. Panasonic have achieved this by working with acclaimed colourist Mike Sowa who has over 30 years of colour work on Hollywood movies under his belt. Now that’s alot of expertise!

The Panasonic 4K PRO models aim to faithfully reproduce all images. Until now Panasonic provided viewers with the top end quality of the CX800 and CR850 series in order to reproduce images that are true to the directors intentions. Now Panasonic have added the OLED Display TX-65CZ952B to the line up. By combining the OLED next generation panel with the image enhancing technologies that Panasonic has accumulated over the years, the TX-65CZ952B delivers an entirely new viewing experience.

Keep a close eye on our blog to see when you can expect to see this amazing TV in Store at Panasonic Store Limerick.

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