Panasonic Unveiled the World’s First Ultra HD Premium TV, The DX900 at CES 2016 this Week. It Meets the UHD Alliance’s Strict Standards for Ultra HD Premium TVs.

DX900 Ultra HD Premium Tv Pic

To stand out from the crowd at CES 2016 Manufactures need something special and Panasonic have it! The Panasonic DX900 TV manages to combine the extreme brightness that LCD screens are known for with the contrast and black level response that Panasonic Plasmas have produced in the past. In short Panasonic has produced the first LED LCD TV in the world to meet the requirements of the Ultra HD Premium Specification.

The DX900 also features a customisable TV Home Screen, which is powered by Firefox OS. Viewers can access their favourite channels, apps, videos, websites and other content. A new Firefox OS update will be available later this year for the DX900. This update will include a new way to discover Web apps and save them to your TV. This update will also enable the Panasonic UHD TV’s powered by Firefox OS with features that link Firefox across platforms, including a ‘send to TV’ feature to easily share Web content from Firefox for Android to a Firefox OS powered TV.

The DX900 TV completes its obsession with creating a completely immersive authentic cinematic experience by marrying its beautiful pictures to a much more powerful audio sound than one might expect from such a slim design. Exceptionally powerful Neodymium magnets in the DX900s speakers help to produce a cleaner and more expansive sound.

This ground breaking DX900 series will be launching in Spring 2016 in two sizes 65-inch and 58-inch.For more information please contact our team at (061) 414726.