Panasonic’s New ULTRA HD Blu-ray Player – DMP-UB700

Panasonic has today (31st Aug 2016) launched the DMP-UB700 Ultra HD Blu-ray Player. It not only delivers breath taking pictures in pin sharp 4K, but also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. The DMP-UB700 extends Panasonic’s successful line up of Ultra HD Blu-ray Platers, offering many features of the DMP-UB900 – which was recently awarded ‘European Ultra HD Player 2016-2017’ by EISA – such as the 4K High –Precision Chroma Processor and 4K content streaming support.
After meeting the stringent technical specifications standardised by the Ultra HD Alliance, the new player has been granted ULTRA HD PREMIUM certification. Together with the compatible Panasonic VIERA DX900 4K TV, the DMP-UB700 can reproduce stunningly beautiful pictures and sound when playing 4K HDR content.
An extra boost of expertise in the making of the DMP-UB700 came from the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) Blu-ray R & D facility. The specialists there fostered and refined a new 4K High-Precision Chroma Processor equipped with imaging technologies such as chroma and high gradation processing – the power behind the new DMP-UB700. The result is a thrilling home entertainment experience as the directors intended with every movie and programme.
For more flexibility and convenience, the DMP-UB700 features Twin HDMI outputs. By separating video and audio signals, transmission of the picture and sound is clearer and more accurate. Support for high resolution audio formats such as DSD and ALAC – as well as popular 4K Video on Demand (VOD) – is also part of the package with the DMP-UB700.
The DMP-UB700 will be in store and on sale in the coming weeks. For pricing and more details please contact us on (061) 414726.