Privacy Policy

Panasonic Store – Limerick holds information on customers in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1988, and will adhere to any other relevant future legislation in this area. Under this legislation, customers can obtain a copy of all information which Panasonic Store _ Limerick has on its databases in relation to them. Customers wishing to obtain such information should contact the Company Secretary, Panasonic Store – Limerick, 1 -2 Shannon Street, Limerick. Vat no. 9783934G. E-mail us on

Use of Information
Panasonic Store – Limerick only holds and uses personal information to provide additional service to our customers. The information collected on customers will only be made available to portal retailers and the portal itself and will not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent being obtained from the customer

Public Forum
This site may from time to time make available, chat rooms, forums, message boards, and similar media for members to express views and ideas. It should be noted that information posted to these areas becomes public information and Panasonic Store – Limerick advises that no personal details should be disclosed in such areas.