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Panasonic 128GB Class V90 SD Card


Product Description

Video Speed Class V90 – 90MB/s (720Mbps)

High Speed Performance – Up to 280MB/s (Read) & 250MB/s (Write)

The new professional grade SD card featuring high speed performance and ultimate protection against water leaks, magnetic fields and temperature extremes. It can also withstand the weight of a 1.5tom vehicle.

Card TypeSDXC Card
Maximum Transfer SpeedRead280 MB/s
Write250 MB/s
Speed ClassVideo Speed Class V90, UHS Speed Class 3 (U3), Class10
OthersProof 7 (Water-, Shock-, Magnet-, X-ray-, Electrostatic-, Temperature-proof, and Built-in fuse)
Smart Guard (Power failure recovery, Error Guard)
Number of Still Images Aspect ratio 4:3 (Approx.)RAW: 4,608 x 3,456 pixels (16M)5230
JPEG High/L: 4,320 x 3,240 pixels (14M)11,510
JPEG Normal/S: 2,048 x1,536 pixels (3M)65,220
Recording time for Video [Aspect ratio 16:9] (Approx.)4K MovieMP4 (LPCM) 3,840 x 2,160 60p (150 Mbps)1 h 50 min
MOV/MP4 (LPCM) 3,840 x 2,160 30p (100 Mbps)2 h 50 min
Full HD MovieMOV/MP4 (All-Intra) (LPCM) 60p (400 Mbps)43 min
MOV/MP4 (All-Intra) (LPCM) 60p (200 Mbps)1 h 25 min
AVCHD Progressive (DSC) 60p (28 Mbps)9 h 55 min
MP4 (DSC) 30p (20 Mbps)13 h 15 min
* Recording time and the number of images may vary depending on the particular device. Numbers are all approximate or presumed one. All data mentioned above are subject to change without notice.
* SDXC card utilize a portion of the memory for copy protection and other purposes. Therefore usable capacity will be less than the viewing capacity. (1GB means 1,073,741,824 bytes)
* SDXC Logo is trademark of SD-3C, LLC