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Multi-Room Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker

€219.00 €169.00

Only Available in Black

Product Description

The ALL05 features IPX7/ IPX5 waterproofing for use even in places subject to water splashes, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. It can also be operated with wet hands, and washed off with tap water.

The ALL05 is a Multi-Room Speaker with built-in battery. Its compact body allows easy carrying, for listening to on-line music, NAS, and other sources via Wi-Fi in the bathroom, in the garden, or anywhere in the house.

By setting your favourite radio stations onto the Preset buttons in advance, you get one-touch playback without having to use a smartphone.

Despite its compact size, the ALL05 delivers a big sound. Unique Panasonic digital amplifier technology delivers crisp treble and deep bass notes.

Room-filling stereo sound can be produced by combining two ALL05 devices.

AUDIO SYSTEMOutput Channel2ch
SMART NETWORKING &EASY OPERATIONMulti-room Audio with Qualcomm® AllPlay™yes
Wireless LAN Systemyes
Party Mode*1/ Multi-zone*2yes/ yes
Wi-Fi Frequency Rangeyes (5GHz/ 2.4GHz)
Ethernet (10 Base-T/ 100 Base-TX)yes
WPS Supportyes
Bluetooth® Wireless Technologyyes
Panasonic Music Streaming App*3yes
Stereo Paringyes
TERMINALLAN Terminal / 10 Base-T/ 100 Base-TXyes