Panasonic Earphones RP-HJE125E

///Panasonic Earphones RP-HJE125E

Panasonic Earphones RP-HJE125E




In ear headphones with a 10.7 Driver unit. 3 pairs of ear pieces (S/M/L) included. Frequency response 6Hz- 24kHz.


FeaturesDrive Unit (diam. in mm)9.0
Impedance (Ohm) / 1 kHz16.0
Sensitivity (dB / mW)97.0
Max Input (mW)200.0
Frequency Response (Hz – kHz) (en JP)10Hz – 24kHz
Cord Length (m1.1m
Weight (g) without cord4.0
MiniPlug 3.5mmyes
Plug Type (en JP)Nickel Plated
Magnet Type (en JP)Neodymium
Colour (en JP)Black