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Panasonic Juicer


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Product Description

The new Panasonic slow-speed juicer is a joy to use – compact, quiet and easy to handle and to clean. Reward yourself and your family with healthy juices & frozen desserts.   The stainless steel screw rotates by pressing and crushing to extract maximum juice and retains vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants vital for health and well-being. Ingredients are pressed and crushed for increased yield and minimum waste. Retains more Vitamin C and other nutrients than a standard high speed juicer. You can also juice frozen fruits using the innovative frozen attachment to create delicious sorbets and frozen yoghurts. The revolutionary bladeless, low speed extraction reduces oxidisation, producing longer lasting juice.

Operation Rating2 consecutive cycles of 15 min.ON, then 30 min. OFF
Dimension (W x D x H) (Approx.)Approx. 18.5 x 17.6 x 43.2 cm
Mass (Approx.)Approx. 4.0 Kg

MJ-L500 User Manual