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Panasonic 3.6V Cordless Screwdriver EY-7410LA2S31


Product Description

Installers, service technicians, service engineers and assemblers will find the EY-7410 the perfect tool for repetitive screw-driving tasks. At only 8” long & 16” in straight format, the tool also clicks into a pistol style, offering the look and feel of either a conventional screwdriver or an ultra-light yet powerful drill and driver that can help keep the user’s wrist in a neutral position. The 21-stage internal clutch torque adjusts from 2.7-25.7 in. lbs. in .9 in. lbs. steps. The clutch can be locked out with a simple twist of the cap for maximum driving torque. The clutch has auto-shut-off capability that immediately stops bit rotation when the preset clutch setting is reached, saving battery power and extending clutch life.