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Product Description

Effectively removes noise to deliver a pure listening experience.

The ST-C700 employs a jitter remover, a common mode filter for its LAN input and a pulse transformer for its digital interface, thus improving the purity of its sound by blocking the entry of external noise.

Some features of the ST-C700 include a Virtual Battery Operation, an Optimally Activated Circuit System, a High Red Re-Master, an Ultra low Distortion Oversampling Digital Filter and a High Quality analogue Circuit.

Technics ST-C700 uses a virtual battery operation to reduce noise generated by the power supply circuit by using the reference potential generating circuit for charging the capacitor.

The optimally activated circuit system shuts down unneeded digital modules such as those for display, network, USB and digital interfaces, to minimise the noise generated during playback.

Technics High Res Re-Master Converts an audio source to a high resolution signal of up to 192kHz/32bits, pushing the effects of any digital noise beyond the audible band and allowing natural and expressive sound, closer to the original music.

The oversampling digital filter incorporating Technics original algorithm accurately removes the image to the -160dB level or lower by using an oversampling digital filter, thus reproducing sound rich with spatial expression.

The ST-C700 uses Technics low noise digital noise isolation architectire, a high precision clock and a high precision D/A converter (Burr Brown PCM1795 (Texas Instruments)). The analogue circuits use high quality components for the purest sound possible.

Noiseless Signal Technology
Digital Noise Isolation Architecture
Virtual Battery Operation
Ultra Low Distortion Oversampling Digital Filter
High Res Re-master
Optimally Activated Circuit System
High Quality Analogue Circuit
High Rigidity Metal Double Chassis