Panasonic Business Ruggedised Toughbook CF-MX4

///Panasonic Business Ruggedised Toughbook CF-MX4

Panasonic Business Ruggedised Toughbook CF-MX4

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The Business Ruggedized Toughbook range is built on the foundations of specifically aiming to provide the user with a rugged product.
The display, hard disk and keyboard are components that are most often damaged in conventional notebooks. This is why the Business Ruggedised Toughbook models focus on protecting them. The robustness of the Business Ruggedised Toughbook range has been decisively improved with drop tests. In fact, even in active operation they can withstand falls from a height of up to 76 cm, with the notebook remaining intact.
Our business rugged devices have innovative drop resistant features built in as standard, to ensure the display and other internal key parts are protected from direct impacts. Thanks to optimal pressure distribution, the Business Rugged Toughbook models also withstand pressure of up to 100 kg/f. Therefore, the sensitive LCD display, in particular, is safe from breakages and other damage. The business ruggedised Toughbook is an impressive devices, which when partnered with the right accessories improve their performance further.

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