Skype To Pull Support for the Skype Tv App

Please see the notice received from Skype below in relation to the Skype App on Panasonic Tv’s.

‘We’ve always strived to deliver a great calling experience from your TV —but over the years we’ve found that the way people access Skype in the living room has changed, with many now using their mobile or tablet devices.
To ensure we deliver the best experience on the platforms that the majority of people are using, we will no longer support Skype for TV — meaning that the TV app will no longer receive updates and will run with limited functionality — before being removed from devices in the future.
Functionalities currently affected are:
• Unable to sign in with a Microsoft Account
• No longer able to change your password on the TV
• Cannot answer incoming group calls

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If you want to continue to enjoy full Skype functionality, you can download Skype for free on your laptop, tablet or your mobile.’